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Copy Editing

I was given a page-long description of the nonprofit TomTod Ideas with one request: “Make it good.” I trimmed the fat, cut unnecessary copy, and rewrote wordy phrases. I made sure the new copy would attract donors by omitting or revising every vague or unspecific sentence. Since the organization does so much, often staff find it difficult to explain what they do in a concise way. I broke it down by the nonprofit’s three programs, and related each to their mission of empowering middle school-age youth. I then used this copy as a foundation for other marketing collateral for the organization.

TomTod Ideas

TomTod Ideas is a nonprofit that’s changing the conversation about middle school.

How? We connect middle schoolers with the common good – in school, at summer camp, and in the community.

Standing for tomorrow’s ideas today, TomTod Ideas empowers middle school students to launch imaginative ideas that spark positive change. Through our three core programs, we empower middle schoolers with week-long summer camps, project launches, and in-school curricula.

Equipping middle schoolers with transferable skill sets, we prepare students to enhance the common good as engaged, caring citizens while thriving in a swiftly changing workforce.

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