Copy Editing

When you’ve got thirty seconds to reach your audience, a focused message is key. For this brief radio ad spot, I centered on what my target (parents of middle school-age kids) absolutely needs to know in order to take action on my ad. I pared down extraneous information and stressed the urgency of registering before the deadline. I edited the copy for the target to recognize three things: what’s going on that I need to know, when do I need to take action, and where do I go to do it?

:30 Radio Script

Support for WKSU comes from TomTod [Tom-Todd] Ideas. TomTod’s “Camp What If: Wilds” offers middle schoolers a fun-filled outdoor adventure of social innovation for the common good. Centered on examining the international refugee crisis, campers conceive new ideas to provide relief to those in need. Early registration for Camp What If: Wilds and TomTod’s other summer camps are available through April 21st. More info at TomTod, that’s T-O-M … T-O-D Ideas dot org slash wilds.