Hand holding brochure

Copywriting, Graphic Design, Print Layout

The nonprofit TomTod Ideas wanted a fun, characteristic piece of collateral they could give to prospective donors and business partners. It needed to be clear, expressive, and display what the organization values – through its message and presentation. I wrote and designed this oversized double gate fold brochure to introduce people to the organization and, using it’s size and color palette, immediately leave an impression with readers. Selected copy below.
Hand holding brochure
Brochure Front and Back

TomTod Ideas Overview Brochure

We believe in middle schoolers

We firmly believe young people don’t have to wait to be an adult to change the world. We harness their strengths and empower them to lead right now, today.

We’re rooted in research and experienced in action

We pair decades of firsthand experience with middle schoolers with our research in Positive Youth Development models and 21st Century Learning Principles. The result? Programming that empowers youth to lead engaged, productive lives.

We create impact by changing lives

Our programming helps students:

  • grow personally
  • impact civically
  • prepare vocationally

Their communities and the people in them benefit as a result.

We need you

We’re empowering a generation to lead the way with creativity, altruism, and ideation. But we’re not done yet.

We need your help to continue enhancing the common good with young people.

Support us today: