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TomTod Ideas needed print collateral when staff meets with school administrators. I wrote and designed this oversized tri-fold brochure to push the nonprofit’s messaging and reinforce its brand. It reflects the organization’s fun, educational vibe while communicating the goals of its school-based program and displaying curriculum options. Find selected copy below.
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Brochure Front and Back
Brochure Side Panel

What If 101

School-based partnership that amplifies learning and walks students through the ideation process.

What If 101 leads middle school students through the process of creating new ideas for the common good while complementing existing class curricula.

It’s an ideal starting point for students with dreams and creativity to learn about their community and gain new skills in class.

Schools and educators benefit from What If 101 as their students’ experiences are enriched with 21st century learning principles, where students become leaders, critical thinkers, and engage deeply with their curricula and community.

Here’s how it works:

Students learn from community guest speakers, research their topics, and travel to locations outside the classroom. By using the information they’ve learned and the skills they’ve acquired, students formulate ideas to serve their community and beyond.

“[What If 101] students begin to understand that they are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but have the ability to live out change today.”

— Teresa Purses, President, Stark Education Partnership

What If 101 provides positive youth development and key training in vital soft skills. Schools partnering with What If 101 cultivate students skilled in:

  • Creative innovation to spark positive change
  • Critical thinking to solve diverse problems in and out of the classroom
  • Collaboration in groups, with peers and adults
  • Caring for people and their community

See more details online. Want to customize your own curriculum with us? Contact us to get started!

TomTod Ideas
We empower middle school students to launch absurd ideas that enhance the common good.