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I always enjoy interviewing subjects to tell their stories. By day, Doug was a mild-mannered payroll clerk for my client, Kenan Advantage Group. By night (or sometimes by lunch breaks) he was a charcoal-stained crusader, sketching celebrity portraits. KAG found an employee to feature for Highway Connections, their national employee magazine, and I wrote the story.
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Payroll Clerk Expresses His Creative Side Through Art

For Doug Beverly, a hobby that expresses his creativity is the perfect offset for his analytical day job as a payroll clerk for KAG West’s Sacramento, Calif., Terminal.

Employees are often marveling at his work. Angenette Burnsworth, Payroll and Human Resources Manager at KAG West, is one of the admirers. “He calls it a hobby, but I call them masterpieces,” says Angenette.

Self-Taught Artist

Doug’s interest in drawing began at age 13, when he saw a friend sketching a photo from a magazine.
“I might try to do that,” he thought to himself. Now, 49 years later, he’s still drawing. Doug is mostly self-taught, although he did enjoy the art classes he took in high school and junior college, which he says helped further his knowledge about composition and shading.

In college, a class on oil paints piqued Doug’s interest. He was fascinated with making a canvas from scratch – stretching the material over the wood and stapling the canvas down onto the frame. “What I enjoyed most about oils was not just the medium, but the experience,” he says.

Celebrity Portraits

Doug likes to do landscapes and still lifes, but in particular, he has a fascination for portraits.

“He takes pictures of celebrities and recreates them with charcoal or pencil,” says Angenette. “They’re pretty impressive.”

Doug rotates his portrait collection in his cubicle so people can see his drawings. Some of his subjects have been Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Princess Diana and Clint Eastwood.

Does he have a favorite drawing? “It’s a toss-up between Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Wayne,” he says. There are more in the works, too. Doug says Bruce Willis and Paul Newman are up next.
Sometimes Doug sends his portraits to the actual celebrities. Recently Doug sent portraits he drew of the stars of Hawaii 5-0.

“Alex O’Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarrett on the show, sent me back a drawing I did of him with his dog; and it now has his autograph on it,” reports Doug.

Doug likes the balance of his day job in payroll and his artistic endeavors.

“If I did it for a living, it wouldn’t be fun anymore,” says Doug, chuckling. “Drawing gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

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