RSVP 5 Book Cover

RSVP 5 Published Book

Copy editing, Graphic Design

This book was a collaborative project published by 13 Factories Press, an extension of the Student Writers Guild at Malone University. I edited the copy, typeset the text, and designed the cover.

RSVP is a collaborative project between creating writing and art students at Malone University. Five writers and five visual artists create original pieces. They then pair up, swap original pieces, and create something new as a response. Artists create a visual piece to pair with a written work. Creative writers write a new piece of prose or poetry in response to a visual work.

RSVP is the result, an artistic trade of ideas, language, and visuals. This was the fifth year the program took place. I was chosen to document the finished product in a book that was published and cataloged.


RSVP 5 Book Cover