In addition to creating delightful user experiences and other content, I make processes, strategies and best practices even better. Here are just a few examples:

Content Management & Editorial Workflow

I created an editorial process and workflow for inbound marketing content. Previously, content was written by whoever had time — and it all lacked editing, validation, and optimization. I created a documented workflow in our project management system that involved multiple stakeholders and contributors.

Inbound marketing content now gets drafted by writers, is given a technical review from SMEs, is edited, optimized for SEO, proofed, supplemented with design and video content, published, and documented in our content tracking system.

The result? Consistent publishing of optimized, high-performing marketing content that enables a delightful user experience and increases domain authority, trial signups, and conversions.

Content Strategy: From 5000 visits to over 100,000 every month

I transformed a fledgling company blog into a high SERP ranking, search engine-optimized powerhouse. I developed content guidelines that prioritized solving problems, answering questions, and showing users how our products make their lives easier. A few highlights:

  • I grew blog viewership by over 1,906%
  • Positioned the company as a thought leader in the industry
  • Placed numerous pieces of content in the top four Google and YouTube search results

UX Optimization: Increased conversions directly from blog posts

Our e-commerce platform allowed for online store pop-ups instead of making customers follow a link to a store web page. I implemented clickable JavaScript events throughout the company blog, allowing customers to purchase in seconds and never leave the blog post they landed on. This reduced clicks and the number of steps in the user journey. Simpler UX, easier conversions.

UX Optimization: Grew audience with in-line forms

Part of a larger strategy to increase conversions, I embedded sign-up forms directly in long-form content pieces, encouraging visitors to subscribe to receive related content. Users could quickly enter their information without leaving the page they landed on, becoming annoyed by pop-ups, or being redirected to landing pages. This resulted in a better user experience and I captured more qualified leads.

Premium Content Downloads

I created premium content downloads for a series of long-form articles. These deliverables contained bonus content and more advanced information readers wouldn’t get by simply browsing an article. I placed strategic CTAs throughout each article that encouraged customers to enter their information and download the content. These generated quality leads and moved prospects further into the sales funnel.